Habitat Regeneration manages the entire tree or woodland management process from developing an initial Woodland Management Plan and obtaining relevant felling licences, to undertaking tree health reports and ecological surveys.

There is a commonly held perception that woods are wild places that look after themselves. In nature woods are the climax vegetation, meaning they find equilibrium where renewal and death are in perfect balance. However, this type of woodland no longer exists in Britain, meaning that human intervention and management is required.

Having assessed the extent of works, we will fulfil the operational element of any job, utilising our specialist tree saw attachments and tree shears, on conventional and long reach excavators. These mechanised options can be supported by skilled groundworks operatives, where required. The use of mechanised solutions helps to improve health & safety standards, increases efficiency and ensures a quality finish, sympathetic to the surrounding habitats

Our remit of works includes undertaking:

  • Woodland management and ride maintenance to promote diversity
  • Providing site sensitive clearance works
  • Clearing back river banks and ponds to improve water quality
  • Methodical removal of dangerous trees to reduce health and safety liabilities

Having undertaken initial felling and clearance works, we look to mitigate any potential impact through delivering ecological offset and enhancement schemes. These schemes generally incorporate the creation of wildlife corridors through hedge and tree planting.

To enhance our sustainable credentials, we also look to convert waste timber into woodchip for biomass, providing energy to power our homes

Video of high rise woodland management with specialist equipment

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