Rivers provide critical ecosystem services and intrinsic biodiversity values, whilst being a vital source of irrigation, domestic supply, power generation and industry.

Managing rivers to provide multiple benefits is therefore fundamental to water security and other policy priorities.

In order to balance the strains on a river system, grey and green infrastructure needs to be incorporated to ensure a balanced ecosystem which benefits us and the wildlife that relies upon them.

Our remit/works within river bank management includes:

  • Reducing river bank erosion
  • Managing flow rates
  • Reducing shading
  • Improving water quality

We also help to reinstate traditional flood plains in specific areas in order to help manage flood water and control the speed at which water passes through catchments.

We can also install infrastructure which look to work with nature, this includes the installation of man made fish ladders, the creation of leaky dams and creating clean gravel beds for spawning fish.

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