Habitat Regeneration has been continuing work assisting Forestry England at their Pleasant Forest woodland creation site in Kent. Our latest phase of works included fitting 10 badger gates, erecting rabbit fencing, tree caging, mulch covering and watering.


  • Fitting of badger gates across the site to facilitate the free and natural movement of local badger populations.
  • Installation of rabbit fencing around planted areas to prevent trees being ringed.
  • Tree caging of some of the larger planted trees.
  • Mulch application around newly planted trees to provide natural weed suppression.
  • Watering of the newly planted trees during unprecedented dry weather.
Badger gate fitting
Applying mulch at Forestry England site


  • We fitted badger gates along existing badger tracks which had been identified by ecologists to ensure badgers have continued movement across their foraging areas and allowing them to maintain their existing territories.
  • We sent a team to the site where they caged around the required trees to prevent pest damage.
  • We laid mulch around the tree bases to retain moisture and provide chemical free weed suppression. The mulch was sourced from our sister company Envar.
  • We watered each of the trees to give them a kick start during extremely dry weather conditions.

The need to account for connected and biodiverse habitats is critical when delivering any woodland creation scheme and this needs to be considered carefully as schemes like this continue to be rolled out in years to come. We’re excited to see how this project progresses over time, delivering both carbon sequestration, vital habitat creation and a green space for public access.