Wetlands teem with biodiversity, providing homes for many endangered species. In fact, 40% of the world’s biodiversity relies on freshwater wetlands. Yet they only cover around 1% of the planet.

More than 140,000 of known species rely on freshwater ecosystems alone. Yet 13% of freshwater species are threatened with extinction in Great Britain, a symptom of the decline in water quality and loss of habitat across the nation.

Wetlands help to clean our drinking water. They can remove up to 60 per cent of metals in the water, trap and retain up to 90 percent of sediment from runoff and eliminate up to 90 percent of nitrogen.

Wetlands can protect us from flooding by storing rainfall like a sponge, and buffering us from the sea. When water levels are low, they slowly release it back to us. In the right environment, wetlands can help bring the air temperature down by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

We can assist with creating and reinstating wetland habitats, ensuring that they confer benefit through providing natural flood management and water quality enhancement, whilst creating vital new habitats.

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